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Renewable energy .. and solar photovoltaic in particular … is very much a hot topic at the moment. You can hardly drive a mile or so without seeing solar panels on a roof somewhere, but how can you guarantee that the job will be done professionally to a high standard with the best financial deal for you?

Solar Valley Owners – Lee Scull and Christian Skuse

Solar Valley is run by Christian Skuse who grew up in Chew Stoke now in Backwell, and Lee Scull from Whitchurch now in Portishead. Having known each other for fifteen years we bring together two fields of expertise essential to safe, professional installation of solar panels.

Lee is an approved electrician of over fifteen years’ experience who has done a considerable amount of work for various government funded bodies.

Christian is a fully qualified roofing expert well known as proprietor of AS Roofing.

Since starting Solar Valley end of 2011 we have carried out various domestic and commercial installations including Avon Fire and Rescue Service and East Harptree Primary School.

Even though the feed in tariff dropped from 21p to 16p on the 1st August 2012, the installation cost has come down due the reduced cost of materials.

12 months ago installation of a 4kW system would have cost £14-15k. 3 months ago £7-8k and now the cost is between £6-7k so it is all relative with the feed-in tariff rates.

Some companies still offer free installation of panels which sounds an attractive proposition, but the householder only receives free electricity during daylight hours and doesn’t receive any of the Feed-in-Tariff which is nearly 70% of the return. All this goes to the installer who also then owns the roof for 20 years, so if there is subsequently a problem with the roof, the installer has the right to fix it and charge the householder. With us, you pay for the installation and so you will then benefit from all the savings and maintain ownership of the roof of your property.

We pride themselves on offering fair and honest advice to all customers and on carrying out first class work to the highest standard and using materials we believe to be the very best on the market. Also, unlike most other companies we are qualified roofers (members of the Institute of Roofing) so will carry out a full roofing survey upon quotation.

We are happy to come and offer free written, no obligation quotes and to explain how the scheme works.

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